Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: he eats it all!

I love muffin tin Mondays. Noah really does, too! He literally eats so much better on these days (why I don't make them every day...I don't know. Perhaps to hold on to the novelty and not burn my creative juices dry.) and eats EVERYTHING. It's unreal!
So here's this week's muffin tin Monday lunch:

Top row: airplane-shaped slices of apple (cool, eh?), cashews and pieces of a fruit twist (100% fruit!) and cracker Bear paws - or as Noah likes to call them, "Baby Bear Paws".
Bottom row: chopped pieces of a pepperette (still a favourite and one of the first things he goes for!), sticks of cheddar cheese and halved slices of green pepper.

Another successful muffin tin Monday. (I might even start doing a theme!)

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  1. I am so taking this idea! My 3 yr. old would LOVE this! Are those silicone muffin cups? Need to get some of those...


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