Thursday, October 28, 2010

my thoughts

Light shining through the cup. Focus in the midst of mess & chaos. I want my life to be like that. Focused in the midst of the inevitable mess & chaos.

There is so much swirling around in my mind these days; bullying, yoga, Uganda, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, winter & fall, Christmas, birthdays, personal revival, loving and dreaming big things for Jamie, Children's church, working out and losing weight. So much. Too much. At least for a blog entry. Or even two.

But I did make an awesome pasta salad for lunch today! {Check out the Strickly Food tab for the latest and greatest.}

My house needs cleaning and tidying {when is that ever not the case?}, I need a shower {post-gym}, I need to open my Seeking Him study book and spend time with Jesus, I need/want to bake, cook, give, serve, love, grow.

When I'm old and grey I want to be sweet and kind and gentle; not bitter, judgmental and harsh. To get there when I'm old and grey I need to become sweet and kind and gentle today and not hope it happens when I turn 73.

*an extremely disjointed post, but I needed to write before too much time passed and I got stuck with not knowing where to start.

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