Monday, October 25, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: birthday edition

Noah turned three today at 10:19am! I did a birthday version of Muffin Tin Monday {okay, so I just put a candle in the grapes} and it was fun!

Top row: 4 meatballs {too spicy for Noah apparently} leftover from yesterday's festivities, red grapes {with candle}, yogurt covered pretzels.
Bottom row: rice krispie traffic light {leftover from the party yesterday}, motorcycle shaped peanut butter toast, cheddar cheese squares.

Of course the beauty of Muffin Tin Monday is that kids can eat their food in whatever order they choose. So one guess as to which thing Noah ate first?
If you guessed the rice krispie traffic light, you were right.
His grapes, a couple pieces of cheese and meatballs are still sitting there, but that will be a good afternoon snack for him should he hunger.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


  1. Great idea to do a repeat of the party foods!! it was a great time and Noah was awesome throughout!


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