Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summit 2010

This past weekend we traveled up north to Camp White Pine for the annual fall retreat (with our organization) called Summit.

It was the coldest I can remember it being. Thank goodness for space heaters. Space heaters FOR THE WIN. For reals.

But it was GORGEOUS, as usual. Jamie looked at me and laughed after we had settled in and then said,

I don't get you. Why do you like to come here? It's cold. It's inconvenient and I work a lot during this weekend.

True. All true. But the pros FAR outweigh the cons.

Usually there are other Moms/Wiveswith their kids at Summit that I can hang out with and get a good fill of social time. This time did not disappoint as I got to hang out with a dear friend, MC and her gorgeous boys who played so well with Noah - he was so thrilled to have some friends his age to run around with, play on the mini golf course and make boy/monster noises with.

Also, the leaves. If you've been up North in the Muskoka area of Ontario, you know exactly what I'm talking about. World class beauty right there.

The kids ADORE spending time outside even if their little fingies are freezing right off!
Noah couldn't get enough of the mini gold course (which was covered in pine needles and sand) and loved the "rope with the tennis ball" (can you guess?) aka the tether ball (and because it was a ball, Jude loved it too!).
We went for a walk (which Jude screamed through because all he wanted to do was GET OUT and CRAWL AROUND in the wet, dirty leaves - which after we got back I let him do and he got completely soaked).

It's really such a privilege to be able to bring our kids and expose them to such great people and places and we realized that with Noah having been to THREE Summits and Jude to TWO, they've been coming longer than a lot of the students!


  1. Noah has been to as many summits as I have!! But we were never there together :(

  2. Awww... I recognize Jude in that beaver outfit. I brought it to Summit this weekend, looking forward to seeing Matthew in it, but I didn't check if it fit him before heading north. Sadly, he was too big for it :(

    Thanks for sharing your heart about bringing the kids to Summit. I have to admit, I asked myself "why am I doing this?" when Matthew's naps got messed up and our space heater broke on Friday night so he didn't sleep that night.

    But all in all it was worth it!

  3. Oh the Fall leaves are gorgeous and the boys are adorable. Glad you all had a good time.

  4. OH man Noah is such a big boy! No more baby cheeks! Great photos of everything! Hehe I love Jude's expression too cute


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