Tuesday, October 25, 2011


today was a good day.
i slept 'til 8am when the boys ended waking up {glory! a sleep-in!}.
i made "sprinkle pancakes" for noah's special birthday breakfast.

he still says his favourite colour is pink. so pink it is.

then he opened his presents {a brand new bike from family back in canada, a mickey mouse pop-up book and the new Cars 2 video - bootlegged of course.}.

such a big boy on his 2 (four) wheeler bike!

and we watched videos from friends and family wishing noah a happy birthday and other funny shenanigans.
i took the boys to the mall to pick up a few items we needed for his birthday dinner and he picked "bubblegum marshmallow" ice cream. of course he did!
and then we took it easy in the afternoon and i relaxed on my "no tv during the weekdays" stance and let the boys watch Cars as a set-up to Cars 2 which we had planned on watching during dinner.
it rained.
we talked to "gramma" on skype and then i made pizza for dinner and we ate it while watching Cars 2. then we had cupcakes and make-your-own ice cream sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce, candy, sprinkles, bananas and marshmallows as toppings.

it was a good day.
so thankful for noah. he made me a mama 4 years ago.
he is bright and smiley and cuddly and long and gangly now.
he is questions and giggles and knock knock jokes.
he is sweet toothed and chocolate milk, please and glasses of water in the middle of the night.
he is racing cars and building tall towers and taping pieces of paper together to make ramps.
he is noah. my son. my first born. a small piece of my heart that walks around outside of my body.
i love you, noah. 


  1. And a great Mama you are!! love the 4 pepperoni pizza, and sweet swirls on the cupcakes!!
    What a lucky but truly blessed boy Noah is to have you as his mother, and of course we are so blessed to have Noah as our wonderfully created 4yr old grandson!! I love being his gramma!

  2. Happy Birthday Noah!!! From the Beilby's! Calli says "Hi"

  3. Such a great birthday!!! Kyler (my 4 yr old( still LOVES pink! How could you not. So bright and cheery! Happy birthday Noah!


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