Saturday, October 15, 2011

why being a mom rocks.

last week i made a little mail box for the boys and it's been a huge hit. every morning noah races out to the living room and checks in the box to see if there's any mail for him.
i don't remember to do it every day but when i do, oh he is just beyond thrilled.
sometimes it's just a note saying something i really like about him.
sometimes it's a small candy and the other day i wrapped up 2 small books - one for each of the boys that i had picked up at a book store in town.
the other day i left them little note cards and i didn't know what jude really thought of it all or if he even got it. but yesterday i heard him say "love, Mama" to himself. i looked over at him and he was holding his note card {upside down} and he said it again, "love, Mama". then he saw me looking at him and he walked over to me and held out the card for me to read to him.
oh my heart. words can't describe.


  1. How sweet! How did you make this mailbox? I think my boys would love that also!

  2. I just covered a smallish box (the one that our iron came in) with tissue paper and cut a slot in the top and wrote "MAIL" on the side. Then I pipe cleanered it to our bookshelf.

  3. I am reading your blog and stumbled upon this entry at 12:22am Ontario Time.. I am rocking Gabby (who is already 6 weeks old) and very tired. And very tired. LOL. I did the repeat... Thank u for posting this. You are such an inspiration and an encouragment to me...


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