Friday, June 15, 2012

father's day friday links

how is it friday already? i asked at least 3 times yesterday if it was really thursday. it's crazy.
our staff and students have all gone back to canada and it's quiet. i definitely miss them, but we needed some space and "normal" back in our lives again. i can see it in my kids' behaviour. more tantrums. more disobedience and "angry hearts". we need to come back together and focus on us. we'll have a few weeks to do that before jamie takes off for the philippines at the beginning of july {eek!}.
anyway, i've got heaps of links for you. so many, in fact, that i save a bunch and i'll post them next week. because they're all so good i don't want you to be overwhelmed!

so here are your father's day friday links!

i don't even know how i found this website {pinterest maybe?} but i love it. i love colours {i was just discussing how i love the names of colours of crayons and paint and nail polish the other day while getting a mani/pedi with the staff women.} and this is a fantastic site to give you some colour inspiration for the mommy-to-be. although you could hypothetically answer the questions and get some ideas as well.

and i'm adding this to my list of things i should be able to sew by now. it's DIY blackout curtains. seriously. i should be able to make these. right?

i'm not sure if you know this, but i kinda like to research things. not everything. just things i'm interested in. it's called being a "knowledge specialist". and so i've been researching things like giving birth in a hospital and what to bring as i've never had to deal with this before! anyway, with father's day being on sunday and all, i thought this was an appropriate list for what dad's should bring to the hospital.

and i just generally love all things pregnancy and baby and that includes fantastic birth stories like this one. i've got to admit that before, the thought of having an unassisted home birth freaked me right out. now? not as much. doesn't mean i'm planning one, but if it just so happens to come upon us too quickly i would rather stay home and get comfortable {as much as possible} than have this baby in the car. thank you very much!

um. i love these. i think they're on my list of things to make when we get back to canada. so hipster!

and oh yes! here's your friendly reminder. it's father's day on sunday! we're not so big on the grandiose celebrations around here, but i love these two ideas that you can do with your {slightly older} kids who can at least answer questions. i'm going to attempt at least one of them with the boys for jamie.

and there you have it! happy weekend!


  1. ok so I totally registered for colourtopia...good for decorating any room! :)

  2. I've been looking at blackout curtains for baby girl's room. She has been waking up at 4:30 or 5am with the arrival of the light. Blah. But all the curtains that I saw weren't very fun so I was definitely excited when I saw your link for DIY blackout curtains. I just bought some cheap curtains from IKEA and then we had a roll of blackout fabric that we took down from our master bedroom when we moved in last year. So hopefully, it works to cut it up and sew in the blackout fabric. Will let you know how it goes...

    1. Oh that's exciting! Yes please and take pictures too so I can see how they turn out!


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