Tuesday, June 26, 2012

paper roads

we have a lot of scrap paper lying around. 
schedules, outlines for seminars, failed print jobs, etc. 
and just like that, this extremely easy idea popped into my head.
i grabbed a marker and got started drawing road "pieces" on the blank side of our scrap paper. 
the boys were intrigued and instantly wanted to know what i was doing. when i told them, they were all excited. jude ran to get a car and noah ran to get some tape to help me tape the papers together.

i told noah he could arrange the pieces however he wanted and then we could tape them together. he was a great helper.
they both loved the parking lot i drew at first so i drew another. and a gas station. then i started decorating the sides although they could have cared less about the trees and parks and swimming pools. but if you have kids who are really into drawing, this could give you even more time!

both boys played for at least an hour. happily. jude sometimes walked on the paper and scrunched it slightly, but no harm was done. 
and it didn't have to be perfect. some of the roads didn't line up, but the boys were so thrilled for this "make your own town" that they weren't giving out marks for perfection. 
it's a fantastic activity requiring very little materials and a great diversion for kids who like watching tv just a little too much. sure you can buy those cool rolls of tape that are already marked like a road, but that's a lot more money for the same thing that will likely be enjoyed equally. if not less? 

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