Friday, June 29, 2012

o canada friday links

what a week! we had a massive rain storm on monday that knocked out several power lines plus created a landslide that actually killed some people here in uganda.
we said good bye to nick and trevor {on tuesday morning}and said hello to my sweet friend beth {on wednesday night}.
beth brought some lovely goodies from friends and family back home and i feel very blessed. blessed for this life i have here in uganda. blessed for the friends and family back in canada that love and think and pray for me and my family. blessed.

today we took beth to the friday market and i picked up a few things. here's a sneak peek at some accessories i'll be using to help with organizing our room when baby B comes:

i'll also be needing some help from you lovely readers on what i should do with a piece of furniture that we'll be using in our room for the baby so stay tuned for that post!

here are your friday links!

so it's canada day on sunday. my home and native land! i've not yet decided what we'll do, but i have decided that cupcakes are a prerequisite for any sort of celebration. {using the festive canadian cupcake liners my mom sent me, of course.} i'll probably use this recipe for strawberry cake as it's the same one i used for jamie's birthday cake back in november and it was delicious then. so...can't go wrong with a good recipe, non?

i came across this article on taking care of introverted toddlers and i loved it. noah is an introvert to be sure and i strongly identified these things are being extremely helpful in relating to him and other children who are introverted. some great suggestions for friends and family in how to relate as well.

this past week {or was it last? i can't remember now.} i came across a website specifically for moms of boys. what a treasure! there are so many things out there for moms of girls be it crafts or conferences or books or whatever. but for boys? i've struggled to find solid and creative websites and blogs. anyway, it's a fantastic blog. every month they put out a prayer calendar with something to pray for your boys every day. click on the link for the calendar for july and join me in praying for our boys!

maybe you don't have boys. or maybe you're not a pray-er. or maybe you have a desk that needs a cute little 3D calendar? oh you do! well, here's a really cute template for the month of july at Go Scout Creative.

okay so ask me how much i love this little DIY project. ask me. c'mon.
how much do i love this little DIY project you ask?
SO FREAKIN MUCH! okay. it's adorbs. it's vintage. it's journal-y. it involves post cards. this is me swooning.

with all the pretty blogs and their fabulous DIYs and pinterest and facebook it's super easy to compare houses. at least, i find it easy.
anyway, i've been learning lots about contentment and finding joy in what God has blessed me with but i still want and need to keep Christ first. above what my house looks like. or where it's situated. i don't want to become prideful about how talented i am at DIYs {i am not. sadly.} or how trendy my house is. {it is not. at the moment. but one day back in canada i will be re-reading this post. it will be a good reminder.} or how amazing i am to be raising a family in a small-er house in the heart of a busy city {one of the dreams in my heart}. because that's not what being a keeper of the home is all about. my house and home should always be pointing people to Jesus. not to how amazing and fantastic i am. so. after that rant, here's a fantastic article on keeping Christ our treasure. not our homes. no matter where we live.

and lastly? um, so beth brought me both reece's peanut butter cups {my absolute weakness. seriously. i can hear them calling me from my pantry. but i.will.resist. for now.} and fluff {you know, the marshmallow spread stuff?}! i am so making these. you should too!

and with that...happy canada day long weekend to all my canadian friends and family!


  1. Excellent links, all of them! I plan to bake, even in this heat, but maybe in my toaster oven OUTSIDE! So sad about the mudslide and rain. There are natural disasters happening all over right now, but it points us to the Creator. Happy Canada Day to you all! xoxoxox

  2. Happy Canada Day friends!! Enjoy your time with Beth there. :) Oh, and I for sure need to try to make that strawberry cake.


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