Saturday, June 2, 2012

june TWO

i woke up before the boys did this morning. darn pregnancy bladder.
we relaxed. ate muffins and yogurt. i had a tea.
then at around 10am i decided to get dressed. {it's a luxury to walk around in pj's when i usually have other boys in my house. so, ya know...i can't walk around indecent or anything.}
wrangled the boys into the car.
just as i had managed to open the gate, drive the car out, close the gate, get back into the car and start driving, jude poked noah in the eyeball.
i almost turned around and went back home.
but i persevered.
and we were off to mishmash.
the boys played in the playground while i perused the farmer's market. i bought cinnamon raisin bagels, 2 zucchinis and some broccoli {my first since being in uganda!}. the latter two will be in my chicken stir fry tonight. yum.
then we all enjoyed some delicious drinks. 2 mango smoothies and my favourite, an iced lemon tea.

i love mishmash. they've got new artwork up. noah loves to go and wander through the place and check out the latest installment. i love that my boys are being exposed to art. and that mishmash supports local artists.

also? i can't believe it's june. wha? where did may go?

i sat from my spot at the table and watched the boys play in the playground. why is it that pretty much every child i know loves to go UP the slide? so interesting.

now we're back home. noah's having a quiet play time in my room and jude is sleeping. and me? i might just sit here and eat chocolate and watch an episode of private practice or something.
happy weekend!

linking up to steph who takes pictures of her 4 kids on the fourth of each month


  1. happy weekend, indeed. can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. Love the pics of the boys! That last one Jude looks SOO much like Jamie it's crazy!

    1. It's true! I didn't even notice it. But yes. Definitely like Jamie. :)

  3. Two cute, is more like it! Love the pictures of the boys. Looks like you had a great time with them. And yes, what IS it with climbing UP the side!?!?!?

  4. What adorable pics of your boys! Man, Sebby always climbs UP when other kids are trying to come down and seems completely oblivious!


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