Friday, June 22, 2012

friday links with jude

this morning jude said he had "a word" for the baby so i lifted up my shirt so he could talk to the belly. but then he changed his mind and said he had a secret for me first and that i should "put my belly down". so i covered up my belly and this is the story he told me: "one day, once upon a time, there was a little jude named 'me' and he climbed up a tree. the end."
the kid's got a future in storytelling methinks.

jude & noah are punching {or swiping} each other and aiming for the other's head. jamie sees and says, "hey, boys! no punching in the head." jude quickly asks, "what about the tummy?"
jamie says, "no." jude says, "what about your tummy?"

often he'll say with a furrowed brow and arms crossed over his chest, "i'm not saying a WORD."

right now i'm sitting on a single seater with two other little boys. upon climbing up to join me, jude says, "scooch over, mom!" i say, "sure. because I have such a little bum." jude: "no you don't. you have a big one." i totally set myself up for that one.

weekend links!

bad hair day or just not enough time to shower in the morning? i am totally trying out every single hairstyle in this blog post. try it with me and let me know which one you like the best. won't ya?

okay so i'm so not a lipstick person. but do you buy this? really? can everyone wear red lipstick? i'm intrigued.

it's wedding season! ever wander up the card aisles and are bored with every wedding card you see? jamie and i have a tradition of buying the most non-traditional wedding card we can find - usually a funny card. once we gave a friend a jewish sympathy card as a wedding card. that's just us, though. here's a great article on making your wedding gift mean something. 

i'm in love with this shop and specifically all the plates and cups. so cute!

and how freakin' adorable is this little guy? want. {for me!} actually, i had trouble choosing between all of them. they're so hilarious and adorable.

and i did promise pictures of the donuts, but i made them last night and yeah. i just don't take pictures at night. and i'm feeling quite sick now from all the sugar. i recommend pacing yourself. but you should make them. so. stinkin. good.


  1. i love your kids. we miss you. flying out tonight. will call when we're lucid :)

  2. oh man I love the "judisms" keep 'em coming. I laughed out loud at all of them. Also will totally try those bad hair day hairstyles with you! Also love those little french(?) doll thingies haha and your wedding card idea. I want to steal your tradition haha!

    1. steal away, bean! :) we got the idea because of a card we got at our wedding. it's still the only one i remember to this day.

  3. Thanks for the nice weekend tip, plates & cups from :-)
    The kidsdinge team from Belgium Europe :-)

  4. I read your article and thanks for giving us a great weekend tips. We miss all the child friends. Your working style is so nice and amazing for all. Wonderful sentiments with this, I like it so very much.


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