Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 months in motion

we've been here for 10 months. amazing. some days it feels like we've been here for much, much longer. some days i can't believe how fast time has flown by.

last night as i lay cursing in my head at our stupid inverter, i thought to myself that i still find things to get angry about. to complain about. have i even changed at all?

i killed a cockroach last night with a kleenex box.

i say "keep your body to yourself" about ninety seven thousand times every day.

there's a bajillion pieces of lego on the ground.

oh hey there big belleh.

i made these delectable donuts a couple weeks ago and devoured about 6 in the span of 5 minutes. i'm going to make them again. {and i'll share the recipe when i do. and take better pictures.}

today or tomorrow. i should make them today because unlike my hometown of toronto, we're not experiencing high temperatures combined with humidity. i keep saying it, folks. perfect weather here in kampala. perfect weather.

i'm sitting on one of three couches in our living room. it's a one-seater. there are two little boys crouched behind me. fighting-playing. this always happens.

i want to set up our room for the baby. but jamie wants to wait until the guys move out of their house and we clean it so we can move our desk {which is in our room} to a clean "party house".

i may or may not have browsed a couple days ago in two specific cities in ontario. and then i stopped. i need to live in the now. there will be time to figure out where we'll be living. but now isn't that time. and i also need to pray hard. i have loved living with less {although our house here is likely larger than any house we could afford in canada} and i don't want to get caught up in wanting, wanting, wanting. i want to live in a place that suits our needs and a place that allows us to freely give of our finances without having to pour them all into a temporary building that doesn't last for eternity.

i just said "keep your body to yourself". again.

jude thinks the living room carpet is a perfectly acceptable place to leave his finished apple core.

i have changed. but it's more of a changing. something that's continually happening. sometimes it's one step back and two steps forward. but always changing. moving. in motion.

i need to make some sandwiches for lunch. and maybe today i'll get around to exercising.


  1. congrats on the milestone! That's awesome! I've almost hit my 11 months. You're right. Sometimes I question whether I have changed. Right now, it's a changing. Someone pointed out to me today that when I look back on the things that are happening now in a few years, I'll be able to see what happened, and how different I am. And you'll be able to do that, too :)

  2. Yumm, yes please do post that recipe...even tho' I won't make them til it cools!! but the picture is lickable! Yes, I have the same 'space' issue ie: Parker loves to lay down right where I'm sitting, preventing me from moving without stepping on him! But as for change...yes, some aspects are harder to change, but it does happen! love the belly!

  3. It's crazy for ME to think that you've been there that long already - ha! And I hear you on the Lego's - did you see the bag on Instagram, that I bought? Not sure you could get it shipped out there but man, when you get back to N.A. you should get one. Keeps them all in one place, total life-saver!! :)

    1. No, I didn't see the bag you posted on Instagram {not on it. yet.}. Can you send me a link?


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