Monday, October 31, 2005

...and the two shall become one

Before I got married it used to disgust me when couples would say "we are doing this" or "we really loved such and such". I'm not sure why. I think it bothered me the most when it was couples who were only dating and not married yet. Probably because it always sounded to me like they were finding their identity in a relationship - which probably wasn't the case. It really, really bothered me and my friends would always laugh and make fun of me for it saying that soon enough I would slip into that. I guess because I am so stubbornly independant and want to be me and not "Vanessa and Jamie". But inevitably, I find myself saying "we" this and "we" that and ... it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's kinda hard not to say it as Jamie and I seriously do pretty much everything together. Still, it was quite a shock when it just slipped out while writing a reply to someone's evite and I said that "we" had something else scheduled.
I guess it's true that the two really do become one. I think what worried me the most is that I would lose myself in this couple identity and that I would stop learning about who I was created to be and what my skills, talents, interests, passions, and quirks are. But that hasn't happened yet and as I continue to be that stubborn firecracker, I continue to learn about myself - and with marriage, more often than not, it's the faults and things that I'm not great at that I am confronted with. Perhaps that's because there are more faults than great things...not to say that I'm not a wonderful person - :D all I know is that I'll be learning and growing for the rest of my life. If I ever stop learning and growing it will be a sad, sad day.
So all that to say, I am quite happy to incorporate "we" into my daily life.
Especially because it involves this handsome fella.


  1. oh! i have LOST my FIANCE! where COULD he be? the poor BABY! Where IS my FIANCE?

  2. Aha! I want to see that episode again now! My FianCE!
    Maybe the dingo ate your baby. :P


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