Saturday, October 22, 2005

Celebrations for a 24 year old.

Yesterday was the big 2-4 and despite skulking around like a hermit during most of the day, the evening definitely redeemed itself.
Jo and Shereen came in from London and then we met up with the rest of the gals at a pub in Bloor/West Village. And I had a great time! The Silliness Factor was up by at least 10 points and the laugh meter was off the charts. We had a really, really good time and I even did a shot of water. Ahem. Yes, it was all fun and games, really.
It was nice to chit and chat and a bit of "seat grooving" (where you just shake it up a bit whilst's really quite enjoyable). It was nice even though the service wasn't entirely up to par (hence the shot of water) but we were upstairs, relatively by ourselves and I enjoyed some delicious sweet potato fries - DELISH!
I had a fine time and thanks to the ladies that came out and made it the fun night that it was!
This morning, however, my dear mother put on an amazing spread for brunch. *insert tummy rumbling here* Everything from a cheese spread, sticky buns (my fav) yogurt, spinach dip with pumpernickel bread, fruit, cheesecake!, and a sweet sassy apple cake. MmmMmmMmm. I may just have to go over there later on tonight!
So all in all, it was a good one, a memorable one, a fun one. And it's all in what you make it.
24 always seemed old...but now that I've arrived it doesn't feel that old. I really only feel it when I've crossed my legs for awhile and go to stand up. Hello? Bones cracking anyone?
So bring on year # 25. I'm ready.


  1. woah. birthday greetings from ottawa! glad to see you had a good nite out. enjoy yr 2-4.

  2. At least you didn't fall off a stool. :(


  3. ^^^ HAHAHAHA oh jen! that was priceless!
    and YOU missy! age is but a number i realised, and really if you think about it, we ARE forever "young" because there's always something to be learned!
    i had a agreat time and an even better time now that i heard you had a blast!
    i'm looking forward to more nights out on the town...i think we should plan some!
    love sab xoxox


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