Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Being Thankful

I am thankful for a house to live in (though not my own) while so many in New Orleans, India and many others all over the world are without what we so often take for granted.
I am thankful for my health; that I am not living daily with the pain of cancer, the limiting paraplegia, or even something as little as asthma.
I am thankful for my family; for my immediate and blood relatives as well as the wonderful in-laws I have married into. That I am welcomed by all and experience no shunning or rejection as do many all over the world for various reasons.

I am thankful for friends; my girlfriends whom I can laugh, cry, chat and vent to and know that they still love me even when they see my HUGE faults.
I am thankful for a car; to be able to get around when I need to despite the high prices of gas.
I am thankful for heat and warm clothes as we are going into the seasons when the weather gets colder and many homeless die on the streets of cities across the globe.
I am thankful for my husband Jamie; a man who loves God more than anything else and who loves me far more than I deserve.
I am thankful for my God; who chose me before I was formed in my mother's womb. Who made his light to shine in my heart and daily beckons me to Him with abounding mercy and grace. Who loves me far more than I deserve and yet calls me His daughter - even when I was the worst of sinners - that I am an heir with His own son, Jesus Christ who is everything my life is about.
I am thankful.

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