Friday, October 14, 2005

The Revolutionary Online Life

I was just thinking the other weird it is that you can just go online and find photos about anything. People post their pictures online about their life, they journal online about their life, post private and intimate details of their life for the world to see. It's so weird because I find the North American culture ridiculously private. And yet we are obviously yearning for intimacy with people - so we post it online for millions to see. It's so strange.
I guess having experienced such an open culture in Tanzania where you could talk about most everything - your life, your family, your religion or faith and you could talk about it with anyone - even a stranger from Canada - it's just such a stark difference in Canada where you have to constantly be thinking of how you're going to transition from a "surface" conversation into something deeper. I think this online phenomenon just goes to show that people are looking to discuss the deeper things in life and specifically the deeper things that go on in their own life.
And I am just one of many.


  1. Good one Hun. It is an interesting insight

  2. i think you hit the nail on the head of this one....or something...i need jamie's input on my metaphore....
    but yes, i agree fully with that as i am one of those people....
    see you tomorrow
    love sab


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