Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I stole this from Travis (www.livejournal.com/users/travy_pp)

....Rules of the game: Post 5 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.

1. I love the feeling of having clean feet when I go to sleep.
2. I have a horrible sense of direction and yet still feel the need to blurt out suggestions or directions (and what I feel to be corrections) to Jamie when he is driving (despite his impeccable sense of direction - don't say I never said it, babe!)
3. Sometimes I pretend not to hear Jamie's questions so I don't have to answer them. (If you know Jamie, you'll understand that he asks 100x more questions than the average person - per day.)
4. I love it when people laugh at their own jokes - and when actors crack up on SNL.
5. I have an uncanny sense of smell.


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  1. Haha. Yah, I love those SNL skits w/ Will Ferrel in it and everyone is trying not to laugh, but he stays in character and keeps it going. So good :)


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