Thursday, October 27, 2005

motivation such an aggrevation

I think I need to take a course or something. I'm bored and I'm not learning and I'm having trouble focussing. It's probably just an "off" week, but all week I've been so lazy, lethargic and just plain bored. I know that boredom is a bad thing and supposed to be a sign of something bad, but I can't help it. Support raising is HARD, we're nearing the end of our contact list and we still have another 20% to raise. *sigh* and *sigh* So I feel like a bit of a downer right now.
I know it will clear up...I think I just need to do something creative. Like take pictures. I really wish I was taking another photography course. I really enjoyed my last one at Humber.
I think I will start up on making some of my Christmas gifts.
Oh you know what I think it is? I need my own space. I'm getting cabin fever and I need my own place and space to do what I want. Privacy has never been a HUGE priority (ie. I've always felt the need to have an "open door" policy if you know what I mean) but I think as humans we ALL have at least a need for some sort of privacy.
Phew. This has been a rambling ranty entry that I haven't done in a while.
Oh and I bought the new Broken Social Scene CD as well as the Killers CD which I know isn't new but I've wanted it for over a year now.
That is all.

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  1. Sweet mother, you like Broken Social Scene?!
    Ahhhh...the new album is so good. Different from their last one, but equally as epic and amazing :)

    You *must* see them live to experience them in their fullest.
    I saw them again a couple weeks ago and it left me speechless.

    And I'll be sure to keep you guys in my prayers as you continue to support raise.


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