Thursday, January 25, 2007

"the list"

So I've decided to write my list of restaurants I want to visit in Guelph (and surrounding areas) - for the whole bloggosphere to see.
Here's the list (in no particular order):
1. Eggcetera
2. Frugal McDougall's
3. Bollywood Bistro
4. Angel's Diner
5. Greek Garden
6. Carden Street Cafe
7. Curry in a Hurry
8. The Other Brother's Restaurant
9. The Red Brick Cafe
10. The Boathouse
11. The Bookshelf
12. The Cornerstone Cafe
13. The Rude Native Bistro
14. Woolwich Arms
15. Pennywhistle Pub
16. Jose's Noodle Factory
17. Salsateria
18. Babel Fish Bistro
19. Rockwood Casual Dining
20. La Veille Auberge Restaurant (Rockwood)
21. Eramosa River Cafe (Rockwood)
22. The Teaberry Cafe (Rockwood)

Hmm...there could be more. I may continue to add and edit this list.
By the by, the italicized ones are ones I've already been to since my stay in Guelph.
Good times.
Ones I recommend:
Rockwood Casual Dining - small but AMAZING food for great prices.
Eggcetera - absolutely amazing food - breakfast for the entire day - does it get any better?
Curry in a Hurry - really great curries, fun little restaurant and you can make the curries as hot or as mild as you like!
Carden Street Cafe - amazing atmosphere - I've only had the cheesecake there but it was delish!
Oh...they're all good! Try them out!


  1. Ah Guelph! Nice list. Is "Lilian Rosewarne's still there? It's out near "Cagney's" (which you should add to your list!)

  2. cornerstone is one great place.

  3. ohhh, you're making me miss guelph!

    kelley - you know cagney's!!!! that was my favourite 'fancy' restaurant when i was little.

    as soon as it's open, you have to go to the boathouse. it's fantastic.

  4. love rude's

    must go to atmosphere


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