Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am mobile again!
My cell phone went on the fritz just before Christmas.
It started by erasing my entire phone book.
Then all my pictures, videos and paid for, downloaded ring tunes were erased.
Then came the forboding flashing white screen.
Then nothing.
After repeated battery and SIM card removal I gave up and decided I would attempt to get my phone replaced.
But after a few phone calls and one visit to Rogers and being offered diddly squat (why I oughta...) I am borrowing an old cell phone of Shelly's (thanks Shells!) and I'm going to send this good-for-nothing cell phone back to Samsung and hopefully get it back in working condition.
Bitter much?


  1. who knew old cell phones could come in handy?

  2. i got a guelph cell!!!! it's the coolest number ever too... but i won't broadcast it on here since i've had issues with reporters and stalkers.


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