Sunday, July 29, 2007

brownies and photography

Well it appears that my camera and I have been separated for a little while so last week's picture won't be posted for awhile and I'll probably take a picture with my little camera and post it in the next couple days so those who look forward to the belly updates may have to wait a little bit longer.
In other pregnancy news, I did a gestational diabetes screening test before I left for BC. When we got home yesterday there were 2 messages from my midwife (I forgot to tell her that we were going away for 10 days - oops). Basically she said my glucose levels were a bit high - the highest number within "normal" range is 7.8 and I registered at an 8. Now I do need to clarify with her (and my blogging audience) that I forgot about this screening test and ate a giant chocolate brownie about 10 minutes before I did the test. Oops. I'm pretty sure that factored into the final numbers. I'm also not sure if I was supposed to fast or something before hand. No one told me I was supposed to so I'll have to make sure I let my midwives know that tomorrow. I think.
I have an appointment with the midwife but I forget what time it's at - so I'll call tomorrow morning.
So more on that after tomorrow.

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