Thursday, July 12, 2007

What was lost has been found.

They found my journal! I had left it at the wilderness camp (Blue Bronna) in the mountains in Alberta and they found it!!! Hooray! And my Bible! So they're (hopefully) going to mail it back to me and I'll get all the lost journal entries.
I had all but given up and was (for the most part) over it - but what a sweet surprise to get something back you never thought you would.
So that's exciting. We'll see how warped the two books are by the time I get them back. Yeesh.

So that and us being back from our vacation down South is pretty much all that is new. South Carolina was great. Virginia was great. I love camping and hope to do some more before the summer is through. Now we're home for 6 days before we take off again.
What a life.


  1. too bad they didn't find my glasses from two years ago along with your stuff...

  2. Hooray for your journal, Vaness!


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