Monday, July 30, 2007

midwife appointment #....?

I got to meet my other midwife today which was nice. She seems just as nice as the other one so that's super.
Also...I told her about the giant brownie incident and she said it's probably best that I re-do the screening test. She laughed when I told her about that. I guess that was a pretty dumb thing to do - eating a brownie right before I do a test that measures your sugar levels. :p
Anyway, Little Strickie was moving all over and I got to feel his leg! That was cool. We (Jamie and I) also got to hear him moving and his heart beating through the stethoscope which was really neat. I'm progressing at a normal rate and am in the 50th percentile...just a bit bigger actually. She said if I keep progressing at this rate I can expect a 7 pounder. Sweet! Keep it that way!
So everything is healthy and fine.
I got a lot of reading to do about all kinds of things like tests, and circumcision and different diseases and shots and blood samples that we can opt out of or go for with the baby.
And I'm fairly certain (90% I'd say) that we'll do a home birth.
So that's exciting!

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  1. Yay!! I'm totally behind you on that!! and hmmm...maybe I'll even have a chance at the right weight of the little guy!! woohoo!!


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