Tuesday, July 31, 2007

some quotes

After 10 days in BC, 3 days in Whistler, and 5 sessions with Mark Driscoll I think it's probably time I blog it up.
Here are some of my favourite quotes from the Driscollator himself:

"If you're thirsty, I'd tell you to go to the water fountain and not the toilet." In reference to NOT buying Brian McLaren and Rob Bell books that were piled high on the book tables outside the session room.

"Our goal is not to be innovative but to be faithful to the truth."

"I pray for global warming. I'm out there with aerosol cans just hoping the temperature will get up to 80 degrees. If I could just get me a hole in the Ozone layer."

"Idolatry is not a sin, it's the sin."

"I'm a charismatic with a seatbelt on."

Now on Facebook I'm somewhat (ok, I am) anti-group joining. I just don't join groups. I think I'm only a member of 1 group. I used to be a member of the group "Mark Driscoll is my homeboy" but I left it because I just don't "check in" with the groups I'm a part of.
But after hearing him speak again and even getting to go out for drinks and wings with him one night, I'm reconsidering joining the group.
Great guy. I really enjoyed getting to hear from him, both in the sessions and outside of them. Really funny, has a lot of practical wisdom and loves Jesus and his family more than anything else. I like that.


  1. Hey Vanessa,
    It was good to see you guys at Whistler. Hey, I am yet to listen to this Driscoll guy. It seems like everyone really admires him. I'll have to you tube him.
    Take care,


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