Tuesday, July 10, 2007

camping + wifi

Well, this is definitely a new experience for me. Camping & the internet.
Jamie and I are at a KOA campsite right now in Virginia on our way home from South Carolina. I noticed that they had a sign saying they have free wifi. So weird! But I guess for us internet junkies it's a good thing.
But man is it hot here in Virginia. Driving up here with no a/c was not such a great idea. And I'm not entirely sure how much sleep I got since it never really cooled down at night. Oh well. It's all part of the experience.
Cool things about Virginia Beach KOA:
- free wifi
- quiet neighbours
- uber shady campsite
- glow bugs that come out around dusk and continue lighting up the forest all through the night
- all the Quebecers that surround us (this is more a point of interest than anything else)

Uncool things about Virginia Beach KOA:
- the Army Air Naval Base that is located almost around the corner and the screeching jets that fly by at least once an hour (thankfully not after...11ish?)
- the lack of firepit
- the ginormous June bugs that fly into my head sitting by the fire
- the heat (although I can't really blame the KOA for that)

Overall...a good place to be. I love camping so much.
I especially love making a good fire!
Oh and we haven't been to the beach yet, but we'll take a "trolley" down to the beach as soon as we're ready (hopefully soon).


  1. Hey, if that's your dining tent, it's pretty cool!! Yes, I miss camping too...good times! Enjoy!


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