Friday, July 13, 2007

trolley car

I almost forgot about a highlight from the camping trip at Virginia Beach!
So they have these trolley cars that take you from your campsite to the beach or any of the nearby attractions.
So Jamie and I decide to take one down to the beach (you can't walk there, it's about a 20 minute trolley car ride and it's like 100 degrees) and we get on and our trolley car driver is hilarious. He sounds exactly like Tracey Morgan from SNL and keeps insisting he is the number 1 trolley car driver. He also keeps pointing out random, but "important" details like the speed limit and how you have to be careful that you don't get caught in the speed trap because "these cops is just looking to make money for the city". Then on our trolley car ride back we got Tracey Morgan again and laughed all the way back to our site.
Such a funny guy who clearly loved his job and made it enjoyable for the rest of us too.
I would imagine he's like that Guelph bus driver who lost his job - I was sad I never got to benefit from his bus rides.

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