Saturday, April 25, 2009


There is a huge difference between a soup bowl and a cereal bowl.
I am very particular about the bowl I eat cereal in. It must be deep and have high sides so I can pour a gigantic serving of whatever cereal I happen to be eating that day.
This morning there were no cereal bowls left as they were all sitting in the sink or on the counter (because we suck at doing dishes) so I ventured into soup-bowl land. You know the kind. It's flat and almost a plate, but is slightly curved enough to warrant the label "bowl". And it was horrible. I couldn't pour a large enough bowl and then getting out those last few Cheerios was ridiculous.

Note to self: Just suck it up and wash the cereal bowl instead of going for the soup bowl if you want an enjoyable cereal experience.

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  1. ahah oh Vaness. I appreciate this observation! I felt like I was walking through the experience with you. :)

    word verification: imson (my thought process: I'm son, I'm sam, "I am sam"- the movie)


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