Saturday, April 18, 2009

random thoughts to get out of my brain before I sleep tonight

On Monday I leave for Chicago for 4 days with Jamie and Noah.
We are driving down with our friend Eric and our other friends (Graham and Jen and their son Elijah) are driving down in their car as well. The women and children will be staying with our mutual friends Mel & Uche and their daughter Zoe. Mel is pregnant with her second and we are due within days of each other! The guys are staying in a hotel.
And believe it or not, the wives actually suggested this arrangement.
Um, did we take our crazy pills that day?
But I think it'll be fun and crazy and chaotic and wonderful to hang out with 2 other Moms I love and respect and we'll all be there for each other.
Shoot...I need to pack still.

And speaking of packing, the next few months of my life are all about packing.
Packing for Chicago.
Packing for Waterloo (to live there for 2 months).
Packing our apartment up as we move out at the end of May.
Storing our stuff in garages (?) while we wait to move into our house at the end of June.
Unpacking our stuff in our new home.

And amidst all of that I will continue to be more and more pregnant and the weather will continue to get warmer and warmer (hotter?!).
And hopefully this baby waits until we're moved and settled (somewhat).
And hopefully my ankles don't swell too much (they will).
And hopefully I get more sleep tonight than I did last night.


  1. ahh! so fun!!!

    say hi to mel and uche for me!!!

  2. Wow sounds crazy...happy packing!


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