Saturday, April 25, 2009

week 27 and feeling it!

I am feeling this pregnancy to the max!
My belly feels very tight these days and I get out of breath a lot faster than I used to. I'm starting to feel the baby pushing everything up so that it's often uncomfortable if I'm slouching (I totally just corrected my posture and now I feel much better).
I also experienced my first Braxton Hicks on our way home from Chicago. It was while we were eating dinner at a restaurant and all of a sudden I felt sharp pains on my right side. Noah was sitting on my lap facing me pushing his foot into my side and I started saying, "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Jamie took Noah but the pains continued for a few more seconds but then stopped.
During this pregnancy I've often thought more about this baby coming "early" (not premie, but maybe a week or two earlier) whereas with Noah I just knew I would outlast my due date (and was TOTALLY content with that). This time around I'd be thrilled if this baby showed up a week or two early (but not earlier than that as we're moving at the end of June!!!).
So my prediction is that this little guy will show up the week before I am due (maybe not exactly a week, but sometime in that week before), even though my official guess is 3 days past my due date.
We'll see!

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