Thursday, April 16, 2009

home, sweet home.

I'm so thrilled. We finally found a place. A HOUSE. (Renting, not buying). But still, a HOUSE. With a big backyard. And laundry. And A/C. And Central Vac. And new carpets, hardwood floors and a dishwasher! It will be so nice to live in a house. I can't even begin to find words for how amazing it is that all of this came together.
Some thoughts:
- we can have BBQs! (Er, with our imaginary bbq at this point).
- I feel somewhat sad because to Noah it won't be "home" for a little while. And that makes me sad for him. He just won't get it for awhile, although I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have stairs to tromp up and down. And a backyard. THRILLED.
- I keep thinking about having a home birth and what it will look like in our new home. It will definitely be different to not have everything on the same level.
- having a garage will be amazing in the winter
- I want new couches (I want, I want, I want)
- I think I could like gardening. And maybe even be good at it?
- My heart soars when I think about this blessing - especially to Noah and our little unborn guy
- I have never paid utilities before (it's always been included in my rent price). This will be interesting.

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