Sunday, April 5, 2009

a wee update

Well I seem to have grown quite a bit in the last couple days.
I FEEL bigger, that's for sure. I've felt more kicks (or punches or head butts...not exactly sure what they are) to the cervix than I remember feeling with Noah, that's for sure. I just feel this baby so much lower than I did, although I'm definitely feeling tightness in my ribcage, that's for sure.
I will have to go for my gestational diabetes test in the next week or two and I'm hoping for the best, though my eating habits don't reflect that at all. Eep!
Not too much else is new in pregnancy-land.
We did some house hunting today and saw a bunch of houses for rent. We really liked a couple of them and will hopefully move forward with those. Somehow we always move when I'm extremely pregnant. It's my ticket to getting out of lifting heavy things. Haha...
It would be SO NICE to live in a house, have our own backyard and be able to do my own laundry in my own house...but for now I will just dream and imagine little Noah and his brother running around and causing a ruckus in our home-to-be. :)
It's also interesting to picture myself giving birth in any of these houses. I'm not so sure we'd tell the home owners that that is the plan...but that's definitely the plan! :) We're so sneaky.

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  1. It's always a good plan to get out of lifting (I did it with you when my parents were moving)!...but you might want to stay put for a few years...haha!!

    We're praying for the right house at the right time...God knows!!


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