Tuesday, April 7, 2009


With the onset of winter 2.0 I have zero desire to venture outside.
I have no fruit in the house but I'm making due with what we have (fruit juice, applesauce, veggies) because I don't want to get all bundled up and I don't want to get Noah all bundled up and trudge up and down the stairs. Plus being preggers it's starting to get REALLY difficult to carry Noah in the state I'm in up and down 3 flights of stairs.
So it is 1:04pm on Tuesday and I am still in my pajamas.
I may have a wee nap while Noah sleeps now but what I'd really like is a good novel to curl up with and read.
Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. 3 words, Pride and Prejudice! haha! My fav

  2. Yeah any books by Stephanie Meyer...I totally got into the twilight series. It's hard not too.

  3. extremely loud & incredibly close!

    Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance!

    All we are saying: the last major interview with john lennon & yoko ono!

    beautiful losers! (leonard cohen)

  4. this day has long past but I would have suggested (depending upon your mood and whether they were accessible)

    Ella Enchanted (a feel good quick read)

    Legacy of Sovereign Joy- Piper

    The books I finished a couple months ago (the fiction ones on the Holocaust.. my sis has them I forget the title/author.. it's a trilogy)


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