Monday, April 13, 2009


Tomorrow morning I'm going in to the medical lab to get tested for gestational diabetes. I'm supposed to fast for 12 hours before so that means no late night snacking for me (which is probably a good habit to start!). I'll go in when the lab opens and apparently I'm "done" 2 hours after I arrive. In one sense it could be nice to "get away" and have some time to myself but in another sense, I'm not really sure what to do/bring to keep myself occupied.
I certainly hope my blood sugar levels are normal - or at least within the normal range! Oh and they'll also check to make sure my iron levels are in the normal range as well or else it's iron supplements for me again. (Yuck)
So hopefully the results will be back by my midwife appointment on Thursday and I can find out what the deal is.

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