Monday, February 8, 2010

6 month letter to Jude

Dear Jude,

You are 6 months (1 week and 1 day) old!
Yeah, I'm a bit late. My bad.

But let me just say that you. are. adorable.

Seriously. I think you get cuter every day. Your little face is so cute. Your little ears that poke out a bit, your big eyes that droop slightly at the ends and your tiny mouth just absolutely erupt into a smile that can light up the room when you look at me or your Daddy - and especially your brother. He can always make you smile after a nap when you can sometimes be a bit cranky.

I'm not sure how much you weigh right now as at your 6 month check up I didn't get the stats from the nurse. You also didn't get your vaccinations because of a rash you had on your neck, cheeks, arms and legs. The doctor said it was viral and it would go away on its own. And it has - almost entirely.

You sleep through the night every now and then and it's lovely. Generally you're down by 7pm, have a dream feed at 10:30pm and then sometimes you eat at some point between 3 & 5am. Then you're back down 'til around 8! It's great. I really can't complain.

We introduced solids! You had rice cereal last week and were such a little pro eater - it was really cute. Then last night I made up some homemade pear, squash and sweet potato purees and you had the sweet potato today and didn't have any different reaction to them than you did to the rice cereal, so we'll see how it goes.

I also started putting you in cloth diapers this past week. I know.
But it's going pretty good. If I can stick it out, we'll save tons of money!

You can sit on your own now and you even reach for things while you're sitting and bring them to your mouth (because EVERYTHING goes in your mouth these days).
You easily laugh and smile and that just warms my heart. I love nursing you before I go to bed at night because you just curl right into me and it's so sweet. I don't think you are a very cuddly little guy, but you definitely like to be close to me and I'm liking being close to you too.

You are such a sweet boy and I have loved these last 6 months and can't imagine how much fun the next 6 months are going to be!



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