Friday, February 19, 2010

Blanket Time

Yesterday I re-initiated "blanket time" with Noah. He is so distracted these days and seems unable to focus for long(er) periods of time. So...we started with 7 minutes.
I got out the fun animal quilt (that goes with his bedroom) and placed it on the ground. I told him it was blanket time and that he had to stay on the blanket until the timer went off (I use the one from our toaster oven that makes a loud "ding" when it's done) and if he got off the blanket he would be disciplined.
So yesterday I tidied up in the kitchen and nearing the end of his blanket time he started whining from "blocks, Mama". But I didn't respond and he stayed on the blanket even though he could see the blocks!
So we're trying again for 10 minutes. This time I gave him the blocks. (Oh and he's got several books and a few toys with him on the blanket.)
I think blanket time works much better than "room time" for Noah as he just doesn't like being shut in his room by himself to play. So this works for us.
I hope to increase the time to even 30 minutes - maybe more.


  1. What a great idea! Good looking AND smart:)

  2. oh i've heard of this! doesn't jen watt do this as well? would love an update later on how it's going, seems like a great way to get some time back for the things that need to be done around the house without turning on the tv!!

  3. Yup. I know she used to do it when the kids were little. Now they do "room time".
    It's from a book called Babywise (or Toddlerwise).

  4. I'm LOVING this "blanket time" idea! Too late to use with my boys but definitely filing away to use with the baby someday!


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