Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blanket Time Update

Today's blanket time ended up looking a little something like this:

He must have reeeaaached to grab the basket which was off to the side and pulled it onto the blanket and played in it for the remaining time of his blanket time. Until he fell to the side and couldn't get out without getting off the blanket. So he just awkwardly sat in it until he heard the timer "ding".

Blanket time is a good thing. I am looking forward to extending the time - I think Noah will do really well with it (I could have extended it today, but decided to keep with the 15 minutes for the rest of the week).


  1. This is so funny! I love how he is threading the paper or whatever it is through the different holes. It's amazing how good he is on that blanket!!! I will be using this trick when Calli is ready!

  2. Bekki,

    You can start doing this with Calli right now, but give her "crib time" in her pack 'n play. Give her a few toys and set the timer (I need to get a better one that is louder) and start with like 5 minutes. Then by the time you move to a "blanket" she will have gotten the hang of playing on her own with a few toys for a set period of time.


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