Friday, February 26, 2010


Tomorrow my sister gets married.

I feel emotional and nervous already! (I think I may cry more than I did at my own wedding!)

I wrote my speech up last night and I decided I hate writing speeches. There's always so much more you can say and how do you sum up 26 years of memories into a few minutes?

She has been my best friend, my childhood playmate, my co-conspirer, eater of chocolate and sweets, person I go to to moan about how fat I feel, dance partner, person I indulge in the giddiest of laughter and jokes, the most amazing Auntie and fan of my two boys and someone I know prays for me and desires to become more and more like Jesus in everything she does and in everything she is.

The road to marriage has not necessarily been an easy one for Shereen. She has had her ups and downs (haven't we all?) but I have seen her persevere and fall at the foot of the cross for strength and wisdom.

And then came Sam. Sam did not "fit" into our family's dynamics at first, but he definitely "fit" with Shereen. It was quite clear that Shereen was completely smitten with this motorcycle-riding, basketball-playing, loud-laughing, big-hearted guy. I saw him shower Shereen in gifts and encouraging words. He has challenged her and helped her grow and become the beautiful and godly woman she is today. Sam caused our family to change and grow as well and become a tighter unit that includes him!

I'm so glad Sam and Shereen met and that Sam will be a permanent fixture in our lives.

There are so many details that go into a wedding and having two young boys to think about is causing my mind to whir at 100km/hr. Naps, feedings, travel, bedtimes...there's so much to think about NOW so that tomorrow I can focus on being there for my sister.

It's so worth it and I'm beyond thrilled for what's to come for Sam & Shereen!


  1. so exciting. I will be thinking of you and your sis lots today!
    What a wonderful day it will be! :)

  2. enjoy! prayed this morning that you would be able to enjoy the day and really be there with your sister without feeling completely torn as a mommy. hope the kids do well. can't wait to see pics!

  3. You make my heart so glad! I love you both so much and can't tell you how blessed I am to know you love each other and pray for each other! Keep growing in that same long direction of obedience to Christ! Love love love you! Mom

  4. Back from honeymoon ;)
    And Vaness I think I teared up more reading this blog than I did at the wedding :) Sam sayz "sniff sniff" on his behalf as well. I love you sis


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