Monday, February 15, 2010

in sickness and in health

So it's been a rough couple days.

I don't think I've ever seen Noah so sick. Probably the only other time was last May when he had a really bad stomach flu.
But his temperature kept spiking and he was so sweaty, listless and lethargic.

My Mommy instinct told me I needed to get help, but so far it turns out that I was just 'over reacting'.

I called Telehealth twice and the after-hours number for my doctor's office. Both fixated on the cough and told me exactly the same thing. It was frustrating to get information on how to help loosen up the mucous so he could cough it up when he had a major fever and is not prone to ever getting fevers.
But how do you make a two year old SPIT IT OUT? Seriously.

Anyway, the fever broke and Noah woke up this morning demanding his nose be wiped ("I need a Kleenex, Daddy!") and asking for juice and a muffin.
That was definitely good to hear.

So despite being a tad cranky today, we survived.

But I hope not to have to go through that again.

I also got a reality check this evening while checking some pictures on {Facebook}.

My friend's son (4 months old) has heart issues (since birth) and has been undergoing major heart surgery this past week and to see the pictures of her sweet little boy with tubes and wires and all sorts of things coming out of him absolutely broke my heart. I have no idea how good I have it and all I wanted to do after looking at those pictures was to go upstairs and cuddle with my two boys.
They may have coughs and sniffles, but they are healthy. I have them in their beds at home without tubes or wires or oxygen tanks.


  1. Amen to that! it's not possible to understand what sorrow others go through, but we are called to ask for the grace that God gives us for our circumstances! Beth Moore talked about that when a close friend's child died of leukemia at 4yrs old...the mom was living in that grace, not Beth!..there's more but yah, it's tough!
    So glad Noah is doing better today!
    xoxo from Grandma!

  2. Glad Noah is feeling better!
    Hope you're able to rest now friend. If you need anything give me a call.


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