Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Recently I've discovered a few online addictions.
1. Etsy
2. eBay
3. Kijiji
4. Random online shops

My current wants/loves:

Gorgeous necklace from The Vintage Pearl - among other things on this website.

Then there's this:

Beautiful necklace from Etsy store Andromedii. LOVE.

Or this beaut:

Hello love.

And then there are the random cloth diapers I drool over on eBay, cloth diaper accessories, make up, jewelery, watches...my materialistic side pops up from time to time and it's often when I'm feeling home-bound and unable to get out (read: winter!). So yeah.
Here I am. Materialistic.


  1. winter makes me want to on-line shop, too! i love that heart necklace!!
    etsy can get the best of me. =)

    {love the name Jude!}

  2. @love - thanks for the comment. :) We like Jude's name too! :)

  3. You sound very normal to me! I believe we all have a materialistic side and want jewellery, new car, clothes, different house etc, etc....

  4. really like those name necklaces :) very cute, had I not already bought the bridesmaids gifts... ;)

  5. That hat makes me want to wear hats. Swoon.

    I love how your version of materialism includes wanting to support independent designers :)

  6. I have a Vintage Pearl necklace - she's awesome & so is her jewelry. Loving the other jewelry shop you found on Etsy too! And the hat - so sweet!

  7. I'm so sneaky misleading you like that huh? So glad Dawn captured your reaction :) tee hee!


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