Monday, February 22, 2010


Planning is good. It helps me make the best use of my time. Unfortunately planning TAKES time. Sometimes I don't see it as worth it to plan, but it IS worth it.
So I'm really trying to keep up planning my meals for the week.

But I'm also proposing a new "plan" or outline for my week day activities with the boys.
The "plan" is as follows:

Boys wake up (Jamie usually gets Noah, I get Jude).
Breakfast. (Sometimes there is play before and/or after breakfast).

I grab our bags and take the boys and go to the gym.

I get a work out and the boys get to play for 45 mins-1.5 hrs with some really stellar ladies at the PlayCare Center.

We get home, Jude goes down for a nap and Noah has blanket time (we are currently at 15 mins.)

I put away dishes and tidy kitchen while Noah is having blanket time (this may also be a really good time for me to read my Bible as it allows Noah to see Mommy spending time with Jesus AS WELL AS me actually spending time with Jesus).

Noah has a small snack and we play before lunch (work on letters, numbers, read books).

Jude wakes up.


A bit of playtime/clean up.

Nap for Noah and Jude.

Afternoons are here, there and everywhere...not sure what yet to do...or if I should "plan" them per se.
Today we'll be making the trek to the library in all this snow - probably driving, not walking - as I have a book to return.
I am finding it a bit hard as Jude still takes a third nap but it can be on the go so I suppose I'm not entirely tied down to the house.
So we'll see.
I definitely noticed an "antsyness" from Noah last week as he was getting better from his cold but not quite well enough to drop him off at the PlayCare Center - he was dying to get out - kept saying, "I'm ready, Mama. Walk, Mama!" Poor guy.
Spring can't come soon enough!

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  1. Planning? Did I hear someone say planning? My ears perked up..haha send me a list I'll sort it out for you, it's like mind candy for me haha I'm a dork :P Like I said, you+me= the perfect wife lets work together haha!


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