Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blanket Time Update

So much to blog about - I'll get to my sister's wedding later I think.

Right now I just want to say that I'm loving blanket time and so is Noah! He does so well and I've upped the time to about 20 minutes - I could do it even longer - actually today will be around 23 minutes. He knows that after we come home from the Y, he gets a snack and then it's blanket time. He picks the toys he wants and then says,

Stay on blankey until timer goes off, Mama?

Yes, Noah. You have to stay on the blanket until the timer goes off.

I play, Mama.

Good job, Noah.

I usually have a quick snack myself and tidy the kitchen. Today I am so zonked from the spin class I attempted this morning so I am just checking blogs and Facebook.
As I do this, I will often hear

I need help, Mama.

As Noah tries to put something together with his blocks, but for the most part I am just letting him figure it out on his own.
Blanket time was a VERY good thing to implement.
For both of us.


  1. i like that i am slowly filing away parenting ideas from you...hopefully i'll still remember these if/when i have little ones!

  2. How did you come up with blanket time? Did you think of it? Did you read it somewhere? It's brilliant!

  3. Suz - it's a general idea taken from the Babywise series of parenting books by Gary Ezzo. I'm sure, though, that this same idea can be found elsewhere as well.
    It's working out really well. Eventually we'll transition to "room" time. But for now, Blanket time works great!
    With smaller kids you can do crib time or play pen time. I'll start doing this with Jude soon (I did do this with Noah in Africa as well).


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