Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sharing a room update

Well, an update on moving the boys into the same room:

Night one went okay. Noah slept all the way through the night and Jude woke up at 1:30 and 5 and I just nursed him both times because I didn't want him waking up Noah.
Night two was yuck. I nursed Jude at 11pm for the dream feed and then he woke up at 12:30. So I let him cry to see if he'd go back to sleep. After 15 or so minutes he was getting really revved up and angry and woke up Noah. They then proceeded to have a scream fest. Noah would cry. Then Jude would cry. Then Noah would scream. Then Jude would scream. Back and forth and all intertwined with each other's screams and cries.
So at around 1ish I went in and got Noah and brought him into our bed while Jude settled down.
*My reasoning for getting Noah and not Jude is as follows:
1. I didn't want to have to worry about transitioning Jude from our bed back into his crib.
2. Noah's emotional awareness is more advanced than Jude's and someone once told me that if your baby is crying and your toddler (or other child) is crying, it's wise to attend to the older child first because your older child is aware of what Mommy is doing and who gets Mommy's attention, whereas the baby is not (obviously as long as baby isn't in danger, etc.).
3. While I knew Noah wouldn't fall asleep in our bed, at least he wouldn't be getting riled up nor would he be riling up Jude, either.

So I brought Noah into our bed.
Jude continued to scream and cry.
And then I thought - "Oh no. Maybe his teeth are bugging him."
Then I felt bad.
So I gave him some Tylenol and nursed him and he settled down completely.
After about 5 or so minutes of quiet I moved Noah back into his crib. I told him he needed to go to sleep in his own crib now and that he needed to be quiet.
He cried out once or twice but Jude didn't stir.
In the morning Noah woke up at 7:15 I think and Jamie went and got him out of the room because Jude was still sleeping and continued sleeping until 10am!

Night three (last night) was the best by far.
Jude woke up at around 9:45ish and cried softly so I ended up feeding him around 10pm and he fell back to sleep. He had woke Noah up, but I told Noah to lie down and try and fall back to sleep and he was so sweet and just lay down. When I finished feeding Jude I helped fix his blankey and then it was nice and quiet.
Then Jude woke up around 3 so I fed him and after that it was quiet until 7:45 this morning when Noah woke them both up.
So...hopefully tonight is a good night but I don't know how it will go because we didn't get home until 9:30 and Jude fell asleep in the car, but Noah didn't (wouldn't stop talking the whole ride home about all the animals he saw today!). So we'll see.

And me? Well, I'm exhausted. But I'm not discouraged. Just tired. I anticipated some rough nights, but hopefully it continues to get better and I know in the long run it'll be good for them.
So we'll see...


  1. vanessa,

    i love your patience & perseverance with your lil tykes.
    i love you.
    praying for a better nights this week.


  2. ahhh yes, teething! it will work out...keep believing! (cuz I really don't want to move everything back!!)

  3. Vanessa: I will now call you superwoman! You are that good.

  4. ope tonight is a good night. They'll get in the groove soon...


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