Monday, March 29, 2010

Room Sharing Update

The past 2 nights Jude has slept in the pack 'n play in the office. Saturday night my parents were over and he just wouldn't settle in the crib so they moved him to the pack 'n play and he was fine.
Same thing happened last night too!
I don't get this child.
So maybe tonight they'll be back in the same room. Seeing as how Jude is now waking at 7:30 and that's when Noah wakes it won't really make a difference.
Ah my days of sleeping in 'til just past 8 are a thing of the past I think. :(


  1. You used to sleep past 8? Jealous.

    Love your new look, by the way! :)

  2. Yeah. I know. Jude would sleep 'til around 8:30! I have no idea how, but I guess all those short naps mean more nighttime sleep? Not lately, though. Boo.


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