Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wishing and Words

We spend minutes and hours wondering what it will be like when our child first starts talking.
What will their first word be? When will they put a sentence together?
Wishing they could adequately explain to us why they are crying, laughing, screaming, quietly thinking...

And then they do start.


Noah's language has picked up and absolutely taken off in the past few months. He's got sentences and words and questions coming out the whazoo.

And speaking of questions...

Oh the questions!

Noah likes to ask, "Who's that?" "What's that?" "Where did they go?" and lately...."WHY?" I quite think he knows what it means but he heard it on a VeggieTales song and now sometimes he'll say, "WHY?" And then when I tell him, he'll respond with, "God's bigger!" Clearly the two go hand and hand. :)

And it's not enough to say, "I don't know." (Even if I really don't know!) Or even sometimes to tell him the answer. He just keeps asking the same thing over and over and over and over and over. It's enough to make me lose my mind. Car rides are full of observations and questions from the backseat. Sometimes hilarious, and sometimes a bit maddening.
In fact, I had forgotten what it was like to drive with a child who can't speak yet until I was driving with just Jude in the car and I reveled in the silence.

Don't get me wrong, I love the things Noah comes up with or the way he says certain things.'s pretty constant throughout my days and on days like today (when it's a Sunday and I find myself flying solo due to some work opportunities for Jamie) I am going a bit batty (even now, Noah is looking at me, showing me his toast and saying, "I eat supper? This my cookie monster toast?" And I have no idea what cookie monster toast is.)

I suppose it's just a reminder to myself to live in the moment. Stop wishing it were different, older, through this use my eyes and ears and take it all into my heart and fully live in it.

To quote (from the top of my head) 2 books of Noah's:

"And so we say,
Hooray for Eyes!
Hooray, hooray for Eyes!"

"It's good. It's good to hear with ears."


  1. haha...and yes! he'll be blogging one day too :)

  2. do you remember when Hannah started asking why all the time? You just asked her, "why do you think?" So smart Vaness :)

  3. Ah Kirsten I had forgotten that. :) I think Noah's just saying it but doesn't actually KNOW what "Why" means or WHY you ask "Why". :)
    But when he does, I'll pull that out. :)


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