Sunday, March 7, 2010

becoming more adventurous

I'm way more adventurous and confident in feeding Jude (solids) than I was with Noah. I didn't know anything about introducing solids with Noah. This time I'm letting Jude get in his food more and um, I'm making my own baby food too. The other day I let Jude go nuts with a Farley's Biscuit and he did really well!Today I peeled a banana and Jude's grabby hands went straight for it and he broke about the top half off of it. So I let him have at it. He was so cute as he totally recognized the taste and was loving it!
Nom nom nom





  1. Ohhh, so cute! what great fun it is in this new phase! I guess we'll have to hang onto our hats from now on!!

  2. Precious pics! I love when they can start eating on their own. My second son HATED baby food so I just started feeding him little bits of stuff at 7 months and he hasn't stopped eating since! HA!

  3. My daughter has never missed a meal. I threw caution to the wind and started her on solids at 4 months because I could just not keep up with her appetite.(Shh, don't tell anyone) She hasn't stopped since.

    I'm still apprehensive about giving her bits of food although I know she would LOVE it. I'm just so paranoid about choking.

    Jude seems to be doing awesome. Does he have teeth yet or does he just gum the food?

  4. @Grace, Jude doesn't have teeth yet although they are just waiting to poke through. So yeah...just gumming away.


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