Friday, March 12, 2010


After just saying (to my Mom I think?) that Noah is a stomach/side sleeper, but Jude will only sleep on his back and sometimes his side, I've found Jude on his stomach several times (in the mornings and just recently for his dream feed just now).
It's actually REALLY cute and of course he's a stomach sleeper now that I've said he isn't.
Because kids like to make liars out of their parents, right?

Anyway, this may or may not be contributing to Jude going back to sleeping through the night again. He was doing it for awhile and then with all the change and weird nights lately he was up again - usually just once a night (not including the dream feed) but still - it's good to have uninterrupted sleep.
So I'm loving the full nights - that is, when I actually get to bed at a decent hour. Yikes.

Noah, on the other hand, has been waking up an hour or more earlier than usual! Now I don't think I can really complain, seeing as lots of parents deal with 6am (or earlier) wake ups on a consistent basis, but 6:45 is brutal compared to 8am. (And, er, I don't even get up with Noah - Jamie usually does - but I'm up. And then I lay in bed 'til Jude wakes up - usually 8ish, but sometimes 7:30ish...)
I think it's the light in the mornings - even though there's a really dark curtain in Noah's room, it's not completely blocking out all the light. Ah, who knows? I'm just happy it's daylight savings this weekend!

Soon we'll make the Big Room Switch. That is, moving both boys into the same room. Namely, our room. They'll have enough room for a play area in the room as well, seeing as we only use our room for sleeping it shouldn't be an issue for us to have the smaller room.
I don't know when I'll do that...I'm just not ready for both boys to wake up at the same time. Jude generally (almost always) sleeps an hour longer than Noah - if not more. Sigh. What to do, what to'll probably happen by the summer but right now I'm just loving the set up we have now.

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  1. Yup, that's what you told me :) so Jude's a secret mover...only rolling at night when i can't see him do it!!
    Enjoy them...hopefully they'll get back to longer sleeping...or else you'll be having coffee on the patio while they play :)


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