Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Big Wedding Recap

The big post-wedding post.

My sister is married! No longer Shereen Taylor, she's now Mrs. Shereen Kim. Amazing. And I have a new brother-in-law. Wow.
But let me back up so I can do a recap of the day.

I woke up early enough so I could pump so Jamie could feed Jude after I had left. I didn't get much. Boo.
I drove into Toronto to the hair salon and met Shereen, my Mom and the rest of the bridesmaids there. Incidentally, it was the same salon my bridesmaids, Mom and I got OUR hair and makeup done for my wedding. Fun!
So it took a really long time for everyone to get their hair and makeup done (only one makeup artist!) and the morning felt crazyrushed once we got home. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a lot of pictures like Shereen wanted, but I think the ones we did get will turn out amazing. Shereen looked absolutely STUNNING.

I was SO proud of her and she held it together so well!
Noah and Jude showed up at the house when we came back from the salon and I got Noah all ready in his little suit. He looked adorable and he was not himself at all. Not that he was super shy, but he was just really quiet and his eyes were all wide as he took it all in. Especially once we got to the church.
As we drove to the church, Shereen looked stunning and was so calm and composed (and excited!). It was a perfect moment.

When we got to the church we waited for about 10 minutes in the side room for all the guests to file into their seats.
To be honest, I was nervous about how Noah would do walking down the aisle with me.
I wish I knew...I had nothing to worry about! Although as we walked towards the sanctuary I smelled something.
Noah had pooped.
We didn't have time to do anything about it, though and we just had to walk down the aisle, poopy diaper and all.
Good times.
The music played perfectly and it was beautiful.
The ceremony was really special and the message was right on target.
At the end of it, we saw Shereen and Sam become Mr. and Mrs. Sam & Shereen Kim.
It was a sweet moment.

After the ceremony I felt like chaos broke out. Jude was tired and needed to eat. Pictures were apparently supposed to be happening directly after but not everyone was there. There was food, but I didn't get any. The boys were here, there and everywhere and even though I had arranged for them to be taken care of I'm still their Mom and did find it difficult to fully focus on my bridal duties.
But eventually we got to the Woodbine Center for wedding party pictures and got to go on a few rides - Noah loved the merry-go-round (his first ride!) as well as the teacups and the spinning balloons. Still with the wide-eyed stoic look but I could tell her loved it.
From there I said good bye to my boys for the rest of the night and the bridesmaids made our way to the reception.
When we got there we had time to quickly practice our wedding party dance and then they were announcing the wedding party! I couldn't believe how quickly time flew by!
The reception flew by, my speech was given and I made it through without bawling my eyes out. :)
The food was great, the boys went down for Emily (who was our amazing helper/babysitter with the boys all day! Thanks, Em!) and I could finally enjoy myself and eat and dance!
All in all, a wonderful day and I'm so glad I could be there for my sweet sister and her new husband!It was great to see people (friends and family) although I even missed out on catching up with everyone (sad) that I wanted to.
I'm proud of my boys (Noah for being so sweet and brave as he experienced so many new things! and Jude for being so sweet as he was being passed around from person to person) and thankful for my amazing husband who I got to have fun with and enjoy as we danced together and laughed and enjoyed each other without the kiddies.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful time. Glad it all worked out with the boys!

  2. Wow, what a day. One you'll always remember, I'm sure. You and your sister both look gorgeous! Congrats to her and here's to a wonderful marriage for the newlyweds. :)

  3. That's hilarious (not for you) that Noah had a poopy diaper ...I didn't smell it at all, not even during the service (could be my cold that helped with that one)!

    Yes, I'd change a few things too, but it was a wonderful day inspite of all the small mishaps!
    You were an awesome Maid of Honour and you appeared to do that juggling act well...I've heard a few comments to that effect :)
    so proud of you all!
    xo Mom

  4. I could read this blog over and over :) Good recap I like hearing it from anothers perspective! You were awesome, no surprise there ;) Us "Taylor" girls really know how to draw a tear in written word *sniff sniff :)


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