Saturday, March 6, 2010

A weird nap

The other day both boys were down for naps (although one was not settling very well *cough* *jude!*) so I decided to lay down in bed and read The Book Thief (which I am enjoying - thanks to Kirsten for the recommendation!) instead of doing the dishes or laundry.
I read it for a bit and then felt a bit sleepy, so I put it down and closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew Jamie walked into the room and I could hear Noah wailing away in the background. I was completely disoriented and I had no idea what day or time it was other than the fact that it was daytime (the room was light from the sun outside).
He was looking at me as I was looking at him.
I think he said that I was still sleeping. I knew I wasn't, but I couldn't figure out why Noah was crying and who was supposed to be getting him.
I was messed.
S l o w l y it all came back to me and I realized that I actually had fallen asleep!
It's been awhile since I took an afternoon nap and I truly do love naps. But I guess I was tired enough to fall asleep before the boys woke up.

Oh sleep. I do miss sleep. I miss falling asleep whenever I wanted to and knowing that I could sleep in the next day so it didn't matter if I went to be a little later. Weekends were special because I could sleep in. So were long weekends. So were days off.
I miss napping when I wanted to adjust to a time change or a busy weekend or week or because I'm not feeling well. I just miss it all.
I can't complain too much, though because my boys are really great - generally waking up no earlier than 7:30 and Jude is usually asleep 'til 8 or 8:30 - despite going to bed at 7pm! I thank God that I don't have a 6:30am wake-up call!

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