Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I have a lot to be happy for. ESPECIALLY now that Spring has seemingly sprung. *crossing my fingers*

So I was tagged by the Lovely Elaine from the Miss Elaine-ous Life and I'm finally getting around to doing it!

Here are the instructions:

1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.
2. List 10 Things that make you HAPPY! :D
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

1. The glorious sunshine that we've had all week so far - allowing me to take the boys on lots of long walks.

2. The little flower clip I bought for myself this morning.

3. Starbucks coffee brewed from the comfort of my own home.

4. The adorable colours of my boys' cloth diapers.

5. My Mom coming to hang out and help with the boys yesterday.

6. Watching Jude giggle and squeal while playing with his Daddy.

7. Talking on the phone with my newly married sister last night.

8. Jude sleeping through the night last night. (It was glorious.)

9. Noah wearing his new, red sunglasses.

10. Sweet text messages from Jamie.

And, I'm passing the Happiness on to these sweet blog friends...

Beth (Not With Ink)
Nadine (
Shereen (Student 4 Life, Princess 4 Ever)
Alana (Be My Everything)
Shelly (Sassy Spontaneity)
Suz (SWP)
Kirsten (The Idea Girl)
Emily (The Baby Bump Blog)
Terra (His Earth Girl)
Deirdre (Sponge Flower Creations)

Enjoy all THE HAPPY ladies! :D


  1. Thanks for spreading THE HAPPY :)

  2. I adore a freshly brewed pot of coffee too. Good one. Well, they're all good actually. :)

    Thanks for playing along!


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