Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Room Switcheroo


Today when Jamie and I were discussing our plans and the fact that my parents were coming over in the afternoon/evening to hang out and help with the boys, Jamie said we should make the room switch today. (The room switch being putting both boys in the same room together. And not just any room - OUR room. And us moving into Noah's old room. The Big Room Switcheroo.)
I hate when he does that.
Planting an idea in my brain and then I can't get it out until I do something with it.

Anyway, so we did it!

It involved:
- disassembling Jude's sketchorama crib and putting it in Noah's room.
- disassembling our bed and putting it in the office (where Jude's crib was)
- putting all the junk in our room in the office
- taking apart Noah's crib
- removing all drawers, books and shelves from all the dressers, bookshelves and walls (okay, so we didn't take down the shelves - yet)
- reassembling both cribs in our bedroom (the new BOYS room)
- reassembling our bed and dressers in Noah's old bedroom (our NEW bedroom)
- Jude skipping a nap because there was no place for him to sleep except the bathroom in the pack n' play and he rejected it (because yes, we definitely tried) and then being redonculously cranky

We still have to clear out all the junk (purge, purge, PURGE!) from the office and switch all the clothes in the closests which I am DREADING. We'll likely have to rearrange the closet system in our new room as it's more suited for smaller baby clothes (so probably taking out the middle rack).
We also still have to take down and hang up pictures as well as patch up all the nail holes and marks in both rooms and paint those areas (debating painting our room a different colour, but we'll see) and fix the window treatments in both rooms.

As far as how it's going...

Well, Jude went down just before 7pm. Without a peep. As usual (I love that kid!).
For Noah we did the bedtime routine in our room (he was WIRED from his trip to the park with Grandma and Daddy) and then quietly sang a song and prayed in the room with Jude and he went down without a peep around 7:50pm.
Just as my parents were leaving around 9:30ish I heard Jude start to stir and cry a bit. But I left him. He continued to softly cry and fuss but it's now 9:55 and it's quiet again. From both boys!
So we'll see. I anticipate that there will be rough nights - be it tonight or next week or in 2 months or whenever one is sick or tantrum-y or whatnot, but for now...I'm excited about it all. We'll see how I feel in the morning if one of them wakes the other at an ungodly hour.


  1. Ah!

    Not that we're talking second children yet or anything, but...
    we have 2 bedrooms on both floors of our house, so this whole baby and toddler room sharing thing is in our future. I am already shaking in fear.

    Good luck, lady

  2. SO ARE talking 2nd children...:P (I read that post...haha).
    But yeah...kinda scary. But they'll get used to each other and I don't remember it with my sister (and we're the same age diff apart as Noah and Jude) and I think they'll LOVE it when they wake up in the morning and see each other.
    I'm sure I'll be updating in the next couple weeks so I'll let ya know how it goes. :D

  3. Wow so crazy, first I can't believe all your stuff fits in Noah's room! But yay for you guys making the big move :) Can't wait to come for a visit and see!

  4. Very cool Ness! Great work! Pics??? I sort of want to the see the 'as it was happening' chaos pics.


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